Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday!! 

Friday Favorites is a series where I (Addison, CD shop owner) share all my favorites from the week. This could be what's inspiring me, a yummy recipe that my family loved, a product that is making life easier, and all the things you need to know about!  It's like our very own girls night, sitting around the living room, talking all the girl talk and catching each other up for the week, with popcorn in hand!  

Without further ado,


1. It's officially Fall, y'all! I'm so excited that next week, the weather forecast is leaning towards actually feeling like fall (fingers crossed)!  So, here's to celebrating the season well and making lots of memories.  You can use my bucket list to inspire yours- free printable for ya too!

Fall Dog- Golden Retriever Ready for Fall

Bennie is ready for Fall!

2. I've been gathering all the pumpkin inspiration because I want to try a fun DIY project this year. You've seen the cute gingham pumpkins, right? I love that and also the blue and white florals too. Which one should I do?

Gingham Pumpkin Painting Tutorial

How cute are these from Kelly In The City?

Blue and White Chinoiserie Inspired Pumpkin DIY

Give me all the blue and white, right?!

3. My husband was given a Yeti coffee mug for his birthday, and I'm so jealous.  He raves about it and I totally think I need one too.  Have you used one before?

White Yeti Coffee Mug with Handle

Now to decide on a color! 

4. I had a Pinterest win the other week with this, Steak Fajitas recipe.  In all my life, I've never cooked these before, but let me tell you, my husband crowned me chef of the year with this one!  I've made it once a week since and we'll probably eat it for the rest of our lives. 

The Best Steak Fajitas RecipeIs your mouth watering yet?

5. With all this talk about Fall and cooler weather, I'm on the hunt for a yummy hot beverage recipe.  I'm not sure what I'm looking for yet, but I'd love to find a good one that's easy to make at home.  Here's what I'm considering trying.  I love that you make it in a crockpot- perfect for serving guests.  Do you have one you'd recommend? 

Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa, yes, please!


It's your turn!  Now tell me what you're loving from your week?

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