Monogrammed Rainy Day Essentials

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Spring has finally arrived friends! We've had warm, sunny weather here in North Carolina, but those pesky, Spring showers are already in the forecast.  Today, we're sharing our must have Rainy Day Essentials featuring our Monogrammed Rain Jacket that you'll need to survive the planned and pop up showers that are headed your way!  

Rainy Day Essentials


The secret to surviving Spring showers is having super cute and functional rain wear to keep you warm and dry!

Here are our top picks shining bright in the rain:

  • Our Monogrammed New England Rain Jacket is easy to style and completely functional for Spring showers.  It is 100% wind and water proof with a inside mesh lining to keep you cool.  It is available in 12 fun and neutral colors to easily fit into your wardrobe! Rain showers= rain jacket, it is a no brainer!
  • No girl can go without a cute umbrella! This Rain Check? Umbrella is from Kate Spade and we love how fun it is.  No rainy day should bring you down so fun accessories are the way to go!
  • As any girl knows, rain boots are a must have for keeping your feet dry! Our pick is our favorite, Hunter Rain Boots, but you can easily find some at your local Target or department store that will fit the bill.  We love how many colors are available for Hunters so you can easily mix and match your boots with your monogram rain jacket.
  • When it is rainy and nasty outside, you just might need a pick-me-up! Grab a super cute, travel mug from Ashley Brooke Designs to pretty up your day and coordinate with your outfit!  Pour in your favorite beverage to keep you going in the dreary weather.

We hope you shine bright and don't let the rain get you down this Spring! Grab our Rainy Day Essentials and you'll never have to worry about the planned or pop up showers again!



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