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Beach Bag Must Haves

Spring Break is right around the corner and Summer will be here before we know it! Here's a peak into our beach bag must haves. No matter if we're off to the pool or the beach, you will always find these things in our Monogrammed Beach Bag at all times! 

Beach Bag Must Haves

1. MONOGRAMMED FLOPPY HAT | Shade your face from the hot, Summer sun with your floppy hat. The natural color will go with everything and can easily be worn with your favorite sundress for an afternoon date.  It's lightweight and airy so you'll be comfortable and cool all day long. It's under $30 with personalization so you can't say no!

2. MONOGRAMMED BOAT TOTE | The thick, sturdy canvas makes this a must have for carrying all the things! The handles can withstand whatever you throw into this bag and the large size makes it ideal for all your must haves. 

3. J.CREW FACTORY FLIP FLOPS | Flip flops are a must have for the beach, and if you haven't tried J.Crew's comfy ones, you're missing out.  These will last you more than one season and are super comfy for long walks on the beach.  Also, who can deny the coral ribbon with our embroidered pineapples?? Also, available in navy with watermelons.

4. MONOGRAMMED BEACH TOWEL | How fun is our Poppy Beach Towel? Add your monogram to the end and you'll have the cutest towel on the beach. No one will be able to steal it either, so it's a win win all around. :)

5. PHONE | Don't forget your phone so you can Snap your beach day!  Also, stream your favorite songs to your portable waterproof speaker so you can jam out all day long.

6. SUNSCREEN | Protect your precious skin! You can totally still get a tan and keep yourself safe.  Go with your favorite brand and don't forget to reapply!

7. A GOOD READ | Whether it's a magazine or a book that's been hanging out on your reading list for way too long, don't forget to add some reading material to your beach bag! 

8. OTHER LITTLE THINGS | Don't forget to pack your hair ties, chapstick, ear buds, leave in conditioner and snacks for your day by the water.

What are your beach bag must haves?? Comment below and let me know!


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