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How to Style Your Monogrammed Blanket Scarf

Fall Style

3 Easy Ways to Style Your Blanket Scarf this Fall

3 Ways to Style A Blanket Scarf


Fall is right around the corner (29 days to be exact), and you're ready to amp up your wardrobe and get ready for the cool temperatures.  I'm right there with ya (6 months pregnant in the summer heat is NO fun)!

The easiest way to incorporate all the comfortable and cozy elements you love about Fall is to add a monogrammed blanket scarf to your wardrobe.  The beautiful, plaids are full of rich, Fall colors that are sure to make it easy to integrate into your outfit.  You'll be wondering what took you so long to pull the trigger on this magic scarf! 

I've pulled together just three of the millions of ways that you can style your monogram blanket scarf for Fall this year! Hopefully this helps you style this beauty into your wardrobe.

Style your monogrammed blanket scarf as a scarf! 

Ways to Style A Blanket Scarf

Scarf here

So, you might be thinking duh, Addison! But, this is really one of my favorite ways to keep warm (without a bulky jacket), look put together, and be comfortable.  Simply tie it around your neck, fluff it, and you're good to go all day long.  This is a great way to wear it when you want to keep the chilly wind out and all the heat in!

Wear your plaid blanket scarf as a shoulder wrap!  

Dress up your Fall basics by throwing your scarf around your shoulders and instantly put off that cozy, Fall vibe.  Accent your solid swing dress or a basic top to add a layer of warmth as you stroll through downtown festivals or a breezy drive through the mountain air. This is a great way to wear your scarf if it is a typical Fall day in the South, where you are chilly one hour and the next you are comfortable without an extra layer.

How To Style A Blanket Scarf

Scarf here

A third way to style your blanket scarf is to drape it.  

It is ideal to wear it this way if you a small belt to keep the wrap into place.  No belt? No worries! Keep it causal as it hangs around your neck in second photo below. Your blanket scarf will really boost your style factor this Fall and Winter!

Style Your Plaid Blanket Scarf

Scarf here

Cozy, plaid blanket scarf for Fall

Scarf here

Stay cozy and look fabulous this Fall with a blanket scarf in one of our many wonderful hues styled your way!

My favorite way to wear it is either around my neck as a big, gigantic scarf (#1), or as a big wrap (#3). Comment below and let me know your favorite way to wear your blanket scarf! 

Talk soon,

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