How To Prep Your Home for Guests

How to Prep Your Home for Guests

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with Thanksgiving and Christmas knocking on our door, it's time to start thinking and preparing for holiday guests in your home.

Carolina Dandy ladies strongly believe in cultivating a heart of hospitality for those in our home and the guests that we welcome throughout the year.  A stressed-out hostess is going to have a hard time being present and loving those in her home well, so we want to begin the process of prepping earlier rather than later.

So, what's the key to thriving during the holiday season with all the festivities and entertaining that is on your plate? It's preparation.  Take the time to do all the prep work now, before you become overwhelmed by all the tasks in front of you, so you can be present and enjoy the holidays.

Ready to get started?


1. Prep Prior

Talk with guests prior to their arrival to ask about any special dietary restrictions or allergies that you need to be prepared for.  Make all your grocery store runs and possible special food preparations prior to their arrival.  

How To Prep Your Home for Guests

2. Declutter, Deep Clean, and Organize

Schedule a day in your week before guests arrive to declutter any spaces around your home where guests will be and to deep clean.  A cluttered or dirty home does not make for a warm welcome for your guests.  Plan out the week before guests arrive to deep clean or call ahead to schedule this to be hired.  Call ahead, because the cleaning service may not have time in their schedule so you want to be prepared.

Are there any spaces in your home that need to be organized so that guests can be comfortable in your home? Look over areas where they will be spending their time.

How to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

3. Guest Comfort- Assess Your Space

Areas to assess and questions to think about when considering guest comfort:

Entryway and Foyer/Mudroom (wherever guests enter)

    • Is your front door area clean?
    • Do you need a new doormat or doorbell replaced?
    • Is there sufficient lighting on the sidewalk and front stoop for guests arriving at night?
    • Is the foyer/mudroom spacious enough to welcome guests? Does anything need to be removed?
    • Is the foyer/mudroom organized and ready for guests to unpack? Do you need extra hooks? Is there a designated space for shoes to be placed? Do you need an umbrella stand? 
    • Is there space in a nearby closet where they can hang up jackets? Is this space organized and clutter-free?

Living Room

    • Is there enough seating for everyone to gather?
    • What's the comfort level in this space?
    • Do you have enough lighting?

Eating Areas

    • Is there enough seating for everyone to gather?
    • Do you have enough plates, cups, bowls, etc for everyone to eat together? If not, what's your solution going to be?

Guest Bedroom

    • Is there enough sleeping space? If not, come up with a solution prior to their arrival.
    • Do you need to buy new sheets and/or bedding?
    • Is there a chair, stool, or bench in the room? 
    • Are they going to use the closet? If so, is it cleaned up with room for them to unpack?
    • Do you have a dresser available to them? Draws cleaned out for them?
    • Is a nightlight needed in their bedroom? Down a hallway to their room? 
    • Is there space on the dresser or nightstand for them to place all the little things- glasses, jewelry, wallet, etc?  Add a tray to your dresser top that designates a space for these things to go.
    • Do you need to share the wifi password? Considering adding this someone in the room so they don't even have to ask.

Guest Bathroom 

    • Do you need new bath mats? New shower curtain or liner?
    • What small bath supplies might they need? Travel shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cotton balls, etc.  Add a tray to your bathroom counter and display these often forgotten things so your guests feel well cared for.
    • Bring out the toilet paper, guest towels and washcloths out of hiding and place them where they can easily be accessed in the bathroom. We don't want guests to feel like they are bothering us, constantly asking for these things.
    • Is there a plunger by the toilet? Let's avoid that embarrassing situation.

jewelry organizer tray

4. Think Through Day of Arrival

There are few extra touches that you can add to your home for the ultimate welcome for guests. Plan for what you'd like to do so that you aren't scrambling at the last minute. 

  • Fresh flowers in the kitchen and guest bedroom
  • A candle and matches in the guest bedroom
  • A sweet treat or yummy beverage to welcome guests with- have this ready to serve as they arrive
  • Guest welcome basket on the bed for an inviting touch

How To Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

Now that you've read through the things to think about prior to guests arriving, make a list or add to your standing list anything that you need to do.  Get to work on your list and tackling the to-do's so that you can enjoy your guests and welcome them comfortably into your home. 

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