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Ginger Jar Home Decor Inspiration

Posted by Addison Garlick on

If you take one walk through my house, you'll immediately notice that I have a major color scheme crush. Blue and white is prevalent throughout every room of house, and y'all, I just can't get enough.  I have a real blue and white obsession!

When we moved last year, I knew I wanted to take decorating this house slow.  We got rid of a lot of hammy-down furniture and pieces that had followed my husband and I since college that needed to go.  We've purchased a lot of the big pieces since moving in, but still have a ways to go with the actual decorating.  With all the main pieces in their place, it's now time to start decorating!  

One of my favorite pieces to use in decorating are ginger jars.  There is just no limit in my book to the amount you should have in your home.  I love layering and playing around with all the different patterns we have around the house. Here are some inspiration pictures to get you started!

Blue and White Classic Bathroom


Ginger Jars in Hutch


Lemon Stripes Home Office Ginger Jars


So, today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ginger jars!  I typically scoop mine up from HomeGoods or TJMaxx, but I have found some super cute ones on the internet that I've got my eye on.  Can you believe some of these are from Amazon, too? I'm particularly eyeing the bottom left one, it's such a fun pattern!

Blue and White Ginger Jar Home Inspiration Decor and Design


TOP ROW: one // two // three
MIDDLE ROW: one // two
BOTTOM ROW: one // two // three
Do you have love ginger jars as much as me? Do you have a favorite place to find the perfect jar for your home? Let me know in the comments!
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  • I love them. How can I get them

    Limbado on
  • The term is hand-me-down, not hammy-down. Yikes.

    Tiffs on
  • How do I order these, please?

    Connie Boston on
  • Pretty jars.Hiw do i order these please?

    O.lakshmi on
  • Pretty jars.Hiw do i order these please?

    O.lakshmi on

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