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6 Surprising Ways to Style a Tray in Your Home

Posted by Addison Garlick on

Your home is such a special place.  It's where you make memories, grow your family, and do life together.  But it is also the place where you can show off your personal style can truly shine. You truly put your mark on your home by selecting decor pieces and accents that tell your story and reflect who you are, while also being functional, is where the magic happens!

One of my favorite decor pieces to use throughout my home are trays.  They have styling magic, as they can bring function and beauty to a space.  They can take any cluttered or messy corner of your home and bring everything together to where it is functional and beautiful.  You can let your personality shine through as you pick the perfect style for you.

In the shop, we currently have two different style trays for your home.  We have a Round, Leopard Serving Tray and a Square, Ginger Jar Serving Tray.  What I love about these is that they were ultimately created to use for entertaining purposes, as you serve your guests in your home. But, I'm all about making spaces in your home work for you and repurposing pieces to bring your space new life. So, today I'm sharing 6 surprising ways that you can use and style a tray in your home!  I'm going to show you how you can bring function and organization to your home in a simple and beautiful way, while letting your personal style shine through the pieces.


1. On your desk- Whether in your home office or away at work, being organized is a necessity in order for you to be productive and efficient.  Corrall all the papers, pens, and decorative things on your desk into one area, so you won't be scouring through stacks of paper and messy drawers for pen and paper.

Organize Your Desk with a Tray

2. On the bathroom counter- Place your tray beside the sink for a pretty display of all the things that end up on your bathroom counter.  Have a cup with your make up brushes, your beauty routine products within reach, and add a pretty picture frame with your favorite faces inside for a beautiful and functional addition to your bathroom.

3. On your bar cart or drink station- Guests coming over? Serve up your signature drink on your pretty serving tray.  This joyful addition to your space will be an inviting and welcoming detail.  And who doesn't want to be served up a yummy drink on a pretty tray?  They won't forget the details and how you made them feel. P.S. Pair your serving tray with a gold embroidered "Cheers" towel!

Round Leopard Serving Tray for Your Bar Cart or Drink Station

4. On your dresser- If you're anything like me and your jewelry is spilling out of your jewelry box, then you're going to love adding one of our trays to your dresser.  I have my tray on my dresser and have a cute vase of fresh flowers each week and layout all my go-to jewels on the tray so I can easily reach for them.  It makes for such a pretty display whenever people come over, and also keeps me organized and tidy!

Round Leopard Tray for Jewelry Display

5. In the guest bedroom- With the holidays rapidly approaching, your home is soon to be filled with guests that will need to spend the night.  Start now in prepping your home and making sure it's all ready.  You want to create an inviting and welcoming space for guests.  One of my favorite ways to do this is with a welcome basket on the bed.  In this case, I love a tray to display water bottles and extra snacks in case your guests get hungry after you've gone to bed, as well as pen and paper, chapstick, and other small necessities that they may need during their stay.  You can also include the wifi password somewhere on the tray.  The tray will pull the entire look together and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

6. Create a vignette- Style a corner of your home that tells your story and reflects your personality.  Is your entryway table need a little something? Or the buffet table in the dining room?  What about that storage cabinet that needs something cute on top?  Add a tray + a pretty picture frame + fresh flowers to create a vignette that sparks joy in your home for you and your guests.

Preppy Blue and White Entryway Decor


What's your favorite way to style a tray?  How do you incorporate these into your home and decor?

Shop our two tray styles while they are still available! 

Shop our home decor and accessories to complete the look in your home.

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