Monogrammed Seersucker Gumdrop Lunch Box

Our Monogram Seersucker Lunch Boxes are perfect for babies and children. Mom's love to use this to carry a bottle and baby food.  For preschoolers or Mother's Morning Out friends, it can hold a bento box and utensils. This is also a popular choice for days out and about to keep snacks and drinks chilly.

Our gumdrop lunchbox has amazing features that moms love- wipeable, easy to clean liner, utensil net, full zip around that's easy for kids to use, and buckle closure on the handle so you can attach to backpacks and strollers.


  • Measurements: 10"x4"x8"
  • Easy to wipe clean liner
  • Utensil net inside
  • Full zip around for little hands 
  • Buckle snap closure on the handle so you can attach to stroller or backpacks
Red Seersucker
Light Blue Seersucker
Light Pink Seersucker
Lilac Seersucker
Mint Seersucker