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  • DIY Simple Charcuterie Board

    If there is one thing I thoroughly enjoy, it's entertaining! Whether I go all out or it's a simple gathering with our closest friends, I love getting people together to...

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  • Engagement Gift Ideas

    With the state of COVID-19 right now, it can seem like everything is canceled, but engagements certainly are not.  Here are my go-to engagement gift ideas that are special and thoughtful,...

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  • Weekend Reading

    I'm sharing my favorite finds from the week!  You'll find a mixture of home decor finds I'm eyeing, sales I'm shopping, recipes I'm trying, and more.  Peruse over your weekend...

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  • Classic Decor: Nightstand Must-Haves

    If you're anything like me, you love a peek into other's homes and the way they do life, so today I'm sharing my essentials that you'll always find on my...

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  • How to Keep Hydrangeas Alive For...

    I love to treat myself to hydrangeas around the house, so I tend to pick them up from the grocery store pretty regularly. This little luxury was starting to get...

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