March 17, 2023 2 min read

Whether you're a perpetual hostess or inviting girlfriends over for a casual dinner party, hosting has never been so easy with my favorite 3 tips for a stress-free, Southern hostess.

With our Spring tablescape inspiration board below with links to everything and flowers from the grocery store that you can arrange yourself, we have all the Spring tabletop decor and linens you'll need to make your celebration extra special.

Spring tablescape inspiration for Easter tables and gatherings

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Officially welcome the arrival of Spring with a gathering outside with friends and family. Nothing is better than a fresh season with new blooms and growth, the warmth of the sun against your skin, and laughter and storytelling around the table with those you love.

Today, I'm sharing 3 of my top tips for hosting a fun, stress-free Spring party that will have your guests talking about your hospitality and their enjoyment for months to come.

1. Stress-Free Hosting Tip: Tabletop Decor 

When it comes to the tablescape and tabletop decor start with the theme, the holiday, or season you're celebrating. For this Spring table, everything started with these gorgeous, garden party floral cocktail napkins. The jumping off point could be a new tablecloth, linens you've been dying to host a dinner around, or a favorite flower you'd like to showcase in the centerpiece. Just start somewhere and design and dream from there.


2. Stress-Free Hosting Tip: Menu Planning

Before planning the menu, reach out to all attending guests and ask about any food allergies that they may have. If there are none to work around...perfect, but if there are, you'll be so glad you accommodated their needs before diving too deep into menu planning.


3. Stress-Free Hosting Tip: Work Ahead

Do as much as you can the days leading up to the party. For example, a few days before, I like to set the table and make sure I have enough dishes and silverware necessary. Also, it's never too early to set out your platters and use a sticky note to label what food you'll serve where. This will help you catch any last minute additions you'll need and give you time to pick up or order what's needed.


I hope these three tips will help make hosting your family and friends this season a little bit easier and less stressful, as you plan these exciting celebrations!

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