Moss Bowl Decor Idea for Your Living Room

March 01, 2021 2 min read

Curious how to incorporate a beautiful moss bowl into your living room décor? 

When decorating a room in your home, the space should always include something living- or at least green.  For example, a stunning moss bowl arrangement, fiddle leaf fig tree, topiaries, etc.  Having something green and living in your space is an important element to incorporate into any design. It makes the room come alive and gives it depth.

Here is a simple décor idea for how I like to style a moss bowl into a living room arrangement!

Moss Branch Bowl Decor Idea for Living Room

I love the idea of the moss bowl being the statement piece of your coffee table. You have lots of ways that you can style the bowl on your coffee table, but here I've kept it simple with two large pieces- our branch moss bowl, makes a stunning statement with a large ginger jar.  

For a square coffee table, you can place your moss bowl in the middle and surround with stacks of your favorite coffee table books.  Don't forget to add unique decorative accents to the top of the books to finish the look.

For a round coffee table, you want your coffee table décor to make a triangle. For one of the points of your triangle, add a branch moss bowl along with coffee table books for the additional two points of your invisible triangle.

There are endless ways to incorporate one of these gorgeous, custom made for you moss bowl arrangements into your home. Here at Carolina Dandy you'll find moss bowls using beautifully carved dough bowls, large branchy bowls mossed as shown above, as well as real-touch orchid arrangements that you'll enjoy for years to come.


Large Branchy Mossed Bowl

Extra Large Blue and White Ginger Jar

Gold and Acrylic Sconces 

Waterfall Burl Wood Coffee Table

Herringbone Woven Rug

Pale Blue Sofa

Katherine Freeman Abstract Art

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