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Welcome to Carolina Dandy  

We are a woman-owned, small business with a heart for gracious living and Southern hospitality!


Carolina Dandy has been specializing in personalized gifts since 2013.

What began as a hobby, “to keep me busy,” during my summer off from teaching, quickly turned into so much more than I was expecting. I grew to understand that the business was more than just personalizing products for others. There was a real heart behind the business and the loyal customers who kept returning for all their gifting needs... 

It's a desire for a heart of hospitality. It's a desire to love your people well and celebrate them through thoughtful gifting.  It's wanting to create a warm, inviting home for those who live within the walls and for those who frequent your doorstep.  It's preparing an unforgettable tablescape that boasts meaningful details for those around the table. 

Here at Carolina Dandy, I help you connect with those you love through gifting, entertaining, and creating a home you love.


Carolina Dandy Southern Inspired Home Decor and Accessories


Hey friend, I’m Addison, the founder of Carolina Dandy!

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here. Really! If you were standing on my doorstep right now, I’d invite you in to the back porch, pour you a cold drink, and serve up a quick cheese plate for us to snack on.  

My passion for tradition, gifting, and hospitality, comes from my grandmother.  If you can dream up the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring lady, whose desire is to love her people well, that’s my Mawmaw.  From giving more from her garden than she keeps for herself, graciously giving of her time to anyone in need, and putting others before herself, she’s inspired me to be on the journey of cultivating a true heart for loving others well. Whether that’s in the community, in my home, or with guests around the table, I want to be more like my Mawmaw.  And I bet you have someone who has paved that way for you too, am I right? 

So, while we do specialize in personalized gifting, it’s so much more. It’s a joy to get to be a part of how you are loving others well and celebrating those around you. Whether you’re commemorating a wedding day, welcoming a new friend to the neighborhood, thanking a hostess for opening her home, or creating an inviting home with keepsake pieces you cherish, I'm here to inspire gracious living and Southern hospitality.


Let’s do this together!

Marble Cheese Board

So, what does gracious living and Southern hospitality look like to those at Carolina Dandy?  

We believe Southern hospitality is welcoming a friend in her Sunday best or on her 5th day of dry shampoo and comfy clothes.  It’s having a home that is always open, where friends are comfortable to come as they are. 

We believe Southern hospitality is more than a pretty tablescape, it’s the care and attention of incorporating meaningful details into your table design or meal to celebrate someone around the table. 

We believe Southern hospitality is more than pretty gift wrap, it’s the meaningful, personalized gift tucked inside that was made just for the recipient. We believe personalized gifting is unique, thoughtful, and special. It’s the time and attention to detail you’ve spent on their gift that means so much. 

We believe Southern hospitality is cooking a meal for new parents, welcoming the next door neighbor to the neighborhood with a thoughtful gift, and thanking a hostess properly for opening up her home. 

We believe Southern hospitality is creating a warm and inviting home for the ones who live within the walls, and also those you welcome at your doorstep.  

We believe gracious living and Southern hospitality means connecting with others, loving them well, celebrating them, and being a thoughtful, kind person in this world.



Carolina Dandy is more than personalized gifts, incredible tablescapes, and your favorite home décor pieces, we’re here to help you create a warm, welcoming home, connect with others, and love well through gifting.



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