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Brighten the everyday with charming apparel and gifts, curated for a joyful life.

 From your morning coffee in your embroidered scallop pajamas to road tripping with your girlfriend and matching monogrammed duffel bags, we're passionate about transforming life's routine moments into special ones.  Our sincere hope is that every product carried and every interaction with Carolina Dandy inspires you to live a joyful life. We are here to help you find the beauty in the ordinary everyday and celebrate it!
Celebrate the joy and share it with others!


Meet Addison

I'm a joyful wife to Stephen, mama to Harrison, and we live in the heart of North Carolina.

My journey to entreprenuership was completely an accident on my part, orchestrated by God to place me exactly where He wanted me.  I was a pre-k teacher in the local school system, and Stephen and I were still considered newlyweds.  He worked long, odd hours and we had completely different schedules.  

I knew I needed something besides housework and coffee dates to keep me busy that first summer, so I began researching monogram machines.  I quickly bought my first one, and just knew I could do it.  I taught myself and began making cute things I found around the internet.  I put up some pictures on Facebook to share what I was up to, and people flocked to me wanting to order.  I made a Facebook page to help with orders, but quickly outgrew the platform.  I made my first website in 2013 and here I am today.

A lot has changed over the years; the products I carry, my logo and website colors, just to name a few. But there has been one constant through it all, JOY!  

The joy I experience when talking to sweet customers, seeing your fun ideas come to life, and most importantly, the joy you feel as you open up your package from Carolina Dandy!  That smile and joy put a fire in me.

So, here we are in 2019, and my biggest hope and prayer for this business is that you would find, seek, and choose joy everyday.  That this business would inspire you to celebrate the joy around you!  

I hope you radiate with joy as you treat yourself to something pretty in the shop, or give your best friend a trinket for her birthday.  I hope you find your place here in our community of women who delight in the small moments, celebrate the milestones, and choose to spread everyday joy to those around them!



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