Classic Decor: Nightstand Must-Haves

July 20, 2020 3 min read 1 Comment

If you're anything like me, you love a peek into other's homes and the way they do life, so today I'm sharing my essentials that you'll always find on my nightstand.

Classic Blue and White Decor for your Nightstand

I looked high and low for our nightstands because I love a big roomy space to hold all the things (anyone with me?). I'm not a big collector, but I just need to have plenty of space for all my essentials without it feeling crowded or cramped.

Without further adieu, here are my must-haves for any nightstand...

1 | Lamp- lighting, lighting, lighting! I love some lighting. It's one of my favorite decor pieces to buy.  We snagged these Ralph Lauren matching table lamps at a HomeGoods and they were such a good buy.  I love their large size as they give off plenty of light.  Since Stephen and I have matching lamps, I wanted to add a feminine touch to mine so I grabbed this blush pink tassel from One Kings Lane to drape across mine. I love that it adds personality to my side of the room.

Blue and White Chinoiserie Home Decor

 2 | Artwork- I love the inexpensive impact of an art print. I grabbed this one from the shop and paired it with a really affordable frame from Amazon. I also have a gold one for Target that is my go-to also.  Stephen and I both have different nightstand styles and I love that our furniture matches, as well as other pieces like the lamps, but we've put our own touch on it. I also hate commitment when it comes to decor, because I love the freedom of switching out pieces when I find them and moving them around the house, so I prop up my artwork on a stack of books to add height to the print.  It's so easy to move this to the bathroom or desk when I'm feeling the itch to redecorate.

Ginger Jar Art Print and Trinket Box, Blue and White Home Decor

3 | Trinket box- The last thing I do before hopping into bed is remove my jewelry from the day. I'm the type of person who can't sleep in any jewelry, it just bugs me. So, I've got my ginger jar inspired trinket box that is a beauty to be a catchall for my everyday jewels.  I love that it's beautiful and functional.  Plus I always know where my go-to studs and wedding rings are the next day.

Monogrammed Topiary Linen Cocktail Napkin

4 | Water- I'm a big water drinker, and I seriously have to have water within arms reach at all times, call me crazy, but it's true. So, the same goes for bedtime. I love to feel extra fancy by using one of my monogrammed cocktail napkins from the shop as my coaster. Something about that special little detail on my nightstand makes me so happy!

5 | Fresh flowers- You know my love for hydrangeas, so when I have them around the house, I love placing a few stems on my bedside table. It brings life and beauty to the room!  

6 | Other things you'll find on my nightstand would be chapstick that I stick in my blue and white trinket box, a book, magazine, or devotional that I'm reading at the time, and then my phone and phone charger. We have a plug behind our bed where I keep my phone charger and just pull the cord out to my side when I need it.

Blue and White Nightstand Decor


Resource List:

Lamp- Ralph Lauren from HomeGoods // Peach Tassel- One Kings Lane // Ginger Jar Art Print // The Perfectly Imperfect Home Book // Ginger Jar Trinket Box // Monogrammed Topiary Cocktail Napkin // Hydrangea Vase- Dollar Store

I'd love to know what are your nightstand must-haves! Comment below and let me know!

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