October 06, 2020 2 min read

Hostess Tip of the Week- Quick and Thoughtful Tips for a Happy Hostess

Welcome to our Tuesday Hostess Tip of the Week!

At Carolina Dandy, our mission is to inspire gracious living and Southern hospitality. It's showing love and grace to all who come through your door. It's the care and attention you give to your guests that make them feel special. Each week, you'll find a quick and easy hostess tip that inspires a gracious life, leaving others loved and cared for in your presence.

Prep & Prepare

A relaxed hostess is a happy hostess and you're guests will feel it as well. To create the ultimate, inviting environment for your friends and family, make sure to prep ahead of the occasion.  When you feel ahead of the game, the day of will go so much smoother, and you'll be able to enjoy the hours leading up to their arrival and their stay.

So, one of my favorite things is the "mess before the magic," here's a picture of my latest prep day!

Preparing a blue and white tablesetting
Blue and White Floral Dinner Napkins and Entertaining Essentials for every hostess

A day or two before the get-together, I'll go ahead and prep my table.  I'll gather all my "supplies," such as the table cloth, placemats/chargers, salt and pepper shakers, centerpiece decor, etc.  Gathering everything and putting it in one place is so helpful and gets a big part of being the hostess out of the way.  This also gives me the opportunity to see everything laid out, make sure it goes together, gives me some time to think about anything I'd like to add with plenty of time to pick it up, etc.  I'll keep my table pile on the buffet table and then the night before, I'll go ahead and start setting the table.

Gathering and making your table pile can be done in just a few minute spurts!  This doesn't take long, but this extra prep before can save you time and energy so you're not running out to the store at the last minute for an addition to your table. I also love implementing this tip, because if I'm feeling overwhelmed, I'm likely to forget something, and by preparing my table pile days before, I can slowly add to my pile as I remember things, and it gets a big job off my plate!

Blue and white candlesticks, dinner napkins, and ice bucket for a blue and white table setting.

Say "no" to scurrying around the morning of or feeling last minute on the thoughtful details. Promise yourself to make the "mess before the magic" a few days before and gather all your supplies, so you'll be on top of the game leaving you relaxed and excited for your guests arrival!

Do you have any prep and prepare tips that you put into practice before your guests arrive? I'd love to hear as we can all benefit from learning from each other!


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