June 18, 2019 3 min read

I am the first to admit that I don't have a good track record with keeping fresh flowers alive for very long.  Sometimes it seems like it's just days before they look pitiful, and it's inevitable that their next step is into the trash can.  I totally want to have a flower garden and have a home full of beautiful arranged vases, but that just hasn't been me. I just have the worst luck, or so I thought.

This past year, I have really been trying to celebrate the small joys that are in our home, even though lots of construction and things being half accomplished (homeownership, anyone?). So, after treating myself to some Trader Joes blooms earlier this year, and enjoying them for a good two weeks, I just knew I needed more of them in my life. I started experiementing and Googling how in the world to keep these babies prettier longer.  Advice I found suggested a million things, so I started tweaking and trying some things.  And y'all, I got my Trader Joes blooms to last a month! WHAT? Yes, me, the killer of all things green.

So, now that I've experiemented and feel pretty solid with my tips on keeping hydrangeas beautiful for longer, I just knew I had to share with you. *Insert my happy dance!*

Here are some hydrangea blooms I cut from my mom's house.  This is a picture of them in their prime, freshly cut (stems cut an angle), new water, and ready to shine in my kitchen.

Hydrangea Blooms

Everything was going well, until it wasn't, about a week and a half later.  Here are my pitiful blooms. 

Dying Hydrangea Blooms

They just looked sad and worn out. So, here's what I did!

How To Save Your Hydrangea Blooms

ONE- Boil about 2 inches of water in a small pot

TWO- While waiting for the water to boil, make a fresh, angled cut (less than an inch above the bottom, we don't want to take too much length off the stems). Also, pour out old water, and put refill vase.

TWO.HALF- I have to mention, in saving my previous blooms, I have taken a hammer and smashed the end of the stems before placing them in the boiled water, but didn't do it this time.

THREE- Once water is boiling, place newly cut stems in the water for about 30 seconds.  I'm not official here, so anywhere from 10-30 seconds.  

FOUR- Immediately place flowers in the new vase with fresh water.  

FIVE- This might be the most important step!! Put your flowers & vase in the refrigerator. Yes!! I actually forgot about my blooms in the fridge so they were in their several hours.

Here are my beauties after their time in the refridgerator!!  Don't they look so healthy?

Tips On Saving Hydrangea Blooms

These looked good for about 5 days, and then it was clear their time had come, BUT I got 5 more days out of the once pitiful looking flowers, so I call that a win in my book!

One thing I read somewhere on my intense Google search to save the hydrangeas earlier this year, was anytime that you leave the house or overnight, put your hydrangeas, vase and all, in the refridgerator.  I wish I had enough room to do this regularly, so I think this totally is cause for a refridgerator clean out ASAP!

So, there you have it!  How to save your hydrangeas from death's doorstep and bring them back to life to enjoy for a little bit longer!

What tips do you have for reviving your favorite blooms?

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