June 14, 2019 3 min read

Hey y'all, happy Friday! 

Welcome to Weekly Joys! 

Each week I share my personal simple joys.. I'm sharing things that brought me joy, caused me to slow down and live in the moment, and just the fun things that have made life sweet! 

My hope is that by sharing the sweet things that have inspired me this week, that it will encourage you to look for the bright spots in your days and help you cultivate a life of joy and gratefulness.

So, without further ado, here are my a few of my favorite joys from this past week!

Weekly Joys Vol 2 on Carolina Dandy Blog

1. The Comfiest Amazon Dress Ever

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a chance on a $16 striped dress on Amazon. Y'all, I'm so glad I did. I practically live in it and think I need more.  It's the cutest, simple silhouette that is perfect for this hot and humid Southern summers.  My favorite part though is definitely the ruffle on the sleeve.  It's the perfect detail to make it fun and sassy, and to kick a traditional dress up a notch.  Pair it with your favorite earrings and go-to wedges or sandals and you are out the door.  It's such a good one; I know you'll love it too!  Check it out and scoop yours up, here!

2. Strawberry Earrings

These were actually another Amazon find that was turned out well!  It was love at first sight when I saw thesebig, beaded strawberry earrings.  I mean, how perfect for summer, and just so fun!  When I last checked they were unavailable (so sorry), but sharing the link to them, here, so you can keep a watch on them.  I will also link, here, to my next pair of beaded earrings that I've stumbled upon. I was initially going to purchase these until I found the strawberries, but can't stop thinking about these either. ADD TO CART!

strawberry beaded earrings

3. Canvas Boat Totes

Do you ever feel like you live at the pool? Not that I'm complaining one bit, but I just have to share my go-to bag for hauling everything but the kitchen sink with us.  I've been using the large, monogrammed canvas boat tote from the shop!  Let me tell you, it holds ALL. THE. THINGS. It's perfect for a family.  When I've snuck off with a girlfriend and it's just me, the medium boat tote size is perfect.

Monogrammed Canvas Boat Tote Bags for SummerLarge Navy Canvas Boat Tote with Monogram Medium Navy Canvas Boat Tote with Monogram

4. Morning Quiet Time

I've been waking up between 5:00-6:00am for over the last year and half. Before this, I just knew I wasn't living up to who God had called me to be. I was reading His word, but I wasn't in it often and I didn't know where to start.  Around that time I began following Well Watered Women on Instagram.  What a God send they have been to my walk with Christ. I want to do a whole blog post on my quiet time, because it has radically changed my life and the joy I expereince.  But, if you want to work on your relationship with the Lord, and don't know where to start, I'd recommend this and this.  These two studies helped me learn how to study the Word and understand it.

5. Fun times around the house

I don't know if you saw the videos of Harrison in my Instagram stories this week when he was washing his Little Tyke's car like daddy.  Oh, my heart, it was precious.  That boy loves his car and wants to be just like daddy, so it made his day (and mine too).  Stephen had music blasting and they were together washing their cars from the same soap bucket.  These moments were really the definition of simple joys.  Finding the joy in the everyday moments and just delighting in them.  Too often we are too rushed or too preoccupied with ourself to stop and look around and soak in those moments.  It's so sweet, y'all.

Here's a couple of screenshots from the video I posted.

Now, it's your turn!  Write it down, say it out loud, or start a note in your phone, of all the things you are grateful for this week!  The big things and the small, simple joys.

I'd love to hear about your week in the comments too!  Let me know one simple joy from this week!




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