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What are bridesmaids gifts?

Whether you are knee deep in planning your wedding day or just getting started, you've probably heard the term 'bridesmaids gifts' somewhere before.  Questions might be swirling through your head...what are bridesmaids gifts?  Do I have to give my bridesmaids gifts? So on and so on.  Our personalized bridesmaid gift series is here to help you win at gift giving.  We know that there is so much to wedding planning, and we are here to make gifting your bridesmaids easy and stress free. 

Grab a glass of sweet tea and sit a spell as we dive deep into personalized bridesmaids gifts.  If you don't know of us (Carolina Dandy), we are the best gift shop in the South for bridesmaids gift giving.  We want you, the bride, to be confident in your bridal party gifting; knowing without a doubt that your girls will squeal over their gifts.  You'll never have to worry about your thoughtful gift being shoved to the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day again.  So cheers to gifting your bridesmaids well, friend!

What is a bridesmaid gift?

So as a bride and maybe a former bridesmaid yourself, you know firsthand the sacrifices and responsibilities of a bridesmaid.  There's the commitment to your wedding weekend, which may include travel expenses, buying a dress, paying for hair and make-up the day of, attending any wedding festivities and celebrations throughout your engagement, and so on.  It will feel natural to you as a gracious, Southern bride-to-be to want to love on and thank your girls for all the time, attention, and money they have put into standing by your side. One way to thank them for not only being in your wedding, but also being a lifeline throughout your life, is by giving them a gift or a collection of gifts on or before your wedding day.

A bridesmaid gift is simply a gift or gifts that you handpick for your bridesmaids as a thank you for the role they play in your life and your wedding day.

Are a million ideas running through your head right now?  It can be overwhelming to think about trying to thank your girls properly.  I mean, these are your best girls.  You don't just choose anyone to stand by your side on the biggest day of your life. 

First, take a deep breath, sweet friend.  We are here to help!

Second, think of a bridesmaid gift as a thank you gift.  Need some inspiration? Head to the shop for gift ideas.

And most importantly, click here to sign upfor your download to The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire!  Print off a copy for each bridesmaid and send it her way.  This is the secret to being confident in your gift giving!!


Monogrammed Canvas Bridesmaid Tote Bags

How many gifts do I give my bridesmaids?

You might be wondering, well, I love my bridesmaids more than homemade pie, so how many presents should I be giving them?  Well, that is all up to you and the budget you have set for the wedding.  Here are a few questions to think through...how many bridesmaids do I have?  What's my budget and how much do I have to spend?  What would I like to give them- something to wear while getting ready or something they can use, like a classic weekender bag or monogrammed train case?  

There's no right or wrong answer to how many gifts to give.  Brainstorm what you'd like to give and how that falls within your budget.  You can also do one really nice gift, like a monogrammed pajama set, along with a thoughtful handwritten note.  Or you can give a classic tote bag and fill it with 3 of each girls' favorites (from The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire).  There are so many options and ways to give.  What is most important is the heart behind the gift.

If this still all seems overwhelming and you're not sure what to do next, keep reading our personalized bridesmaid gift series to answer all those questions that might be running through your head.  Don't hesitate to comment below, send a note to hello@carolinadandy.com or use the contact page.  We are here to help, and are happy to answer any and all questions!

Talk soon!

XO, Addison


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What are bridesmaid gifts?


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