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When do I give bridesmaids gifts? blog post
As a gracious, Southern bride-to-be, we know you are tickled pink to handpick gifts for your bridesmaids.  Your bridal party deserves to be celebrated and honored for the role they play in your life and wedding day.  So, in this post we are answering the question we receive most frequently... when do I give my bridesmaids their gifts? Should I give my bridesmaids gifts before the big day? On my wedding day? Months before, when?
In our last post in our personalized bridesmaid gift series, we gabbed about all things bridesmaids gifts.  We answered your many questions like...what are bridesmaids gifts?  Do I have to give my bridesmaids gifts?  How many gifts do I give?  All those questions are answered in this post.

When do I give bridesmaids gifts?

Before answering the question there are a few questions for you to consider.

1. What are you gifting your girls?

Monogrammed seersucker pajama short sets?  A personalized canvas weekender bag?  A monogram cosmetic bag?

monogrammed linen train case for bridesmaids 

2. How are they going to be using the gift during your wedding weekend? 

Monogrammed seersucker pj short set to get ready in?  A personalized canvas weekender bag to travel to the wedding?  A monogram cosmetic bag filled with a wedding day emergency kit?  Or maybe they won't be using it at all for your wedding weekend and that's okay, too.

 Seersucker Pajama Short Sets for Bridal Party Getting Ready Outfits

3. Are your girls traveling into town for your wedding?  Is it an inconvenience to fly home with your gift?

These are important questions to think on, because it really determines the best time for your girls to open their gifts. Here are a few examples to help out.

If you are doing day-of pajamas, you can give them their present at your bridesmaids luncheon, the day before your wedding, or at the rehearsal dinner, the evening before your wedding.  You'll want your girls to already have their monogrammed pjs so they can sleep in the night before and/or show up wearing them the day-of your wedding.  This is a great way to keep your bridesmaids comfortable and cozy, as well as covered (ahem some robe situations, ya know), while getting ready.  You'll treasure the photos your photographer captured while getting pampered with your girls.  These are also super easy to pack and don't take up a lot of room in their suitcase if traveling.

If you are gifting a personalized weekender bag, you may want to give their gift to them at your bachelorette party, if possible.  This gives your girls an opportunity to pack and bring to your wedding weekend.  If you aren't having a bachelorette party or you feel like it's too far removed in time from your wedding, you can always give these to the girls at the bridesmaids luncheon or rehearsal dinner.  Another thing to think about is, the weekender bag can pack up pretty small for it's size, but it is going to take up a bit of space, especially if the girls' don't have a lot of room left in their suitcase (overpackers unite).  So plan accordingly when you will give these to your girls.  They are going to LOVE their new weekenders, so make it stress free if flying is involved for them.

If you are gifting a monogram cosmetic bag, this is a great case to pack full of wedding day essentials your girls might need (hello, emergency kit).  Pack them up pretty and give these out at the bridesmaids luncheon.  Having their gift early in the day, allows time for them to run to Target to pick up any last minute items that they can pack in their train case for the next day.  When thinking about anyone flying, these pack away nicely, but again, if your girls tend to have full suitcases, this may be a tight squeeze. In this case, ship the gifts to your girls the week before your wedding and they can pack this in their suitcase for your big day.

We hope these questions were helpful in guiding you to when would be a great time to gift your girls.  If you have any questions, use the comment box below or email, hello@carolinadandy.com, and we are happy to answer any questions!

 Talk soon!

XO, Addison


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