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Girls Night In with Your Bridesmaids

Hey, friend!

I'm tickled pink to welcome you to Carolina Dandy!  I'm thrilled to to tell you all about the heart and mission behind our wonderful community.

As a bride-to-be, whether newly engaged or knee deep in wedding planning, have you ever found yourself having any of these thoughts?

  • Planning a wedding is overwhelming and I'm not sure where to start or what resources to trust.
  • I want to love on my bridesmaids well throughout my engagement because they are the best girls on the planet, but all this wedding planning is SO consuming.
  • I have no clue when it comes to gifting people for their involvement in my wedding day.  This seems way to overwhelming to figure out gifts, how much to spend, etc.  I just want gifting my bridesmaids to be easy.
  • I want to be gracious in my engagement season, loving others well, as this is a special season of my life, and I want to cherish it with them. 

You are not alone, friend.

Before Carolina Dandy began, I was a twenty-something bride-to-be trying to juggle friendships/relationships, wedding planning, the job search, and keeping life "together."  I didn't want my relationships with my girls to just revolve around what they could do for me for the wedding day.  I wanted to have fruitful friendships, because my wedding day is a special day, but it's not the rest of my life.  Those sweet friends, the ones who care for you at your lowest and see you shine on the moutain tops, are the treasures of life.  I remember searching endlessly for gifts that would properly express how much I truly loved and appreciated them for the role they were playing in my wedding, but ultimately my life, too. 

This is the mission of Carolina Dandy; to be a personalized gift shop for your bridesmaids, that loves and supports you as a bride, making gifting easy, stress free, and enjoyable (treating your girls is fun, y'all)!  You will no doubt walk away from your experience with us, as a confident gift giver.  Your bridesmaids will love their pretty and practical gifts that they will thank you for long after the wedding cake is cut.  Your friendships will be strengthened as you show your gratitude for your girls.  Never have to worry about your girls feeling let down or less than when it comes to your gifting.

Our hope here at Carolina Dandy is that you would be gracious and kind, honor and celebrate, and love your bridesmaids well during the engagement season and beyond. 

True friendship is a true blessing, and we are here to help you love your bridesmaids well, to strengthen the friendships and relationships with those in your life during the chaos of wedding planning, and sit in the gratitude of sweet friendship.

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Our hope and desire is that you would love your "home team" well.  Celebrating the joy of your friendships is ALWAYS worth it.


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