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Hey, friend!

Today I wanted to pull back the curtain and give you all the details on what it looks like when you work with us (Carolina Dandy) to gift your bridesmaids. 

If you are new around here, welcome!  Carolina Dandy is personalized gift shop for bride-to-be's to handpick and customize pretty and practical gifts for their bridesmaids. 

We know that in the midst of wedding planning and nailing down all the details for the big day, that gifting your bridesmaids is another big to-do to check off.  Here at Carolina Dandy, we make gifting for you stress free, easy, and enjoyable!  We want you to be excited about loving on your girls and showing them how much they care- these are your best friends!

So, want an inside look at our process and what it looks like to take a load off? 

Grab your sweet tea and sit a spell, sweet friend!


Get Engaged!

Before we can begin working together, you've got to say, "YES!"  This is the sweet beginning to a new season of a lot of precious endings, because after your wedding day, life with your beau is probably going to look about different.

Getting engaged is SUCH an exciting time, sit back, celebrate, and enjoy it!

 Engaged now what?

Choose Your Bridesmaids

One of the most beautiful parts of friendship is asking your girls if they will stand by your side on your wedding day.  The decision to ask a friend is not taken lightly.  These are your best gals, your secret keepers, the people on your home team!

Once you have chosen your bridesmaids, either in their bridesmaid proposal or afterwards if you went low key in asking them, send them a copy of The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire.  This is our number one resource for brides.  It makes planning out gift giving a million times easier and is the secret sauce to stress free gifting.  Once you've downloaded the questionnaire, include it in your bridesmaid proposal gifts or write a sweet thinking of you card to each of your girls and with a printed copy inside.  They will fill it out, it's super fun too, by the way, and mail it back.  Easy as pie!

Once you get the questionnaires back, store them in your wedding planning binder or folder; whereever and however you keep your wedding info organized.  You'll want this to be handy, because if a bridesmaid does something really special and kind for you, you can easily pull out her questionnaire, and surprise her with her favorite coffee (you'll know what to order), or email her lunch on you at her favorite resturant (you'll know what restuarant).  The questionnaire also includes sizes that will make it super simple and stress free for you when it comes to getting ready outfits, if you want to gift those.

 The Ultimate Bridesmaid Questionnaire

Set a budget

To make gifting easier, you have to know what you're working with.  Look at your overall wedding budget and make sure you allow some space there to gift your girls.  It is recommend that you spend $75 to $150 on each bridesmaid, but that is not a rule, and you do not have to follow that. It's more like a guideline.  So, crunch your numbers and know how much you have to spend on gifting in total and then break that down per bridesmaid. Knowing what funds you have set aside makes narrowing down gift ideas so much easier.


Let us help you!

Use our resources!  Look over the gift guides according to the budget of your girls, make a list of ideas of things you've seen or thought of that you might want to include, and make a wishlist.  See what on the wishlist falls within your budget.  What doesn't scrap- what does, keep!  If you feel like you still need a little bit more to your gift, refer back to the bridesmaid questionnaires for some ideas on their favorite candles, resturants, experiences, etc.  These thoughtful details will not go unnoticed.

During the engagement season, make sure you are following along with us on Instagram as we give gift tips and wedding planning advice.  Make sure you're reading the blog, because there will continue to be more and more resources for you as you begin to think about what you want to give your bridesmaids.  And probably the most important thing is to be our email bestie on The Front Porch Chatter.  The Front Porch Chatter is a weekly email that is just SO fun!  It includes helpful blog posts and resources from the week, a look at the top bridesmaids gifts for that week, fun finds and recipes that we've stumbled upon that you will love, and so much more.  Our best tips/advice/resources go to our besties on The Front Porch Chatter, first. Sign up at the very bottom of our website, on the right side!


Select the perfect bridesmaid gift

So, you've decided on the gift(s) for your bridesmaid.  Now what's left is for you to simply place your order with us.  Add the item to your cart, any order notes you feel like we need to know, and the rest is up to us.


Gift Confidently & Thoughtfully

Your order will arrive in 10-14 business days (and maybe sooner as we love to surprise you).  Once your gifts arrive, decide on when you are going to gift your girls and how you want to package it up.  Use our blog rescources for this too!  We love you and are here to help make this SUPER easy.  Also, this does not have to be over the top, so don't agonize over such a small detail- your girls are going to love their gifts whether they are in a woven basket or wooden crate, trust us!

Always make sure you include a carefully written and thoughtful thank you note for each bridesmaid.  This is an extra special way to make the gift mean even more.

Thank You Notes to Bridesmaids


We are so excited to work with you and help you take a load off of gift giving and the pressure for the perfect gift.  We know you will gift confidently and ultimately, your bridesmaids will loved and appreciated by you.  

If you have any questions or we can create any resources or blog posts that would be helpful in your journey to thoughtful gifting, don't hesitate to comment below or email us at hello@carolinadandy.com.


Carolina Dandy

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