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Why every bride needs to download The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire
Did you just get engaged and you're looking for the first steps to take in wedding planning?  Or you may have a long engagement and you are starting to dip your toes into planning the big day?  Either way, I'm so happy you're here!  Today, I'm talking about about why brides (like you) need The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire.  
The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire is a free resource we have created for bride-to-be's as they begin planning.  Here at Carolina Dandy, we believe that your wedding planning season can be full of joyous, happy memories, giddy anticipation, and not defined by moments of stress and overwhelm.  One way to savor this sweet season of life is to love your people well.  So, to help you be a more gracious and kind bride during the wedding planning season (which is what really matters), we've created The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire.  

So, what is The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire?

The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire is a free download that you print off a copy of for each bridesmaid.  There are also instructions and a how-to with the download, so don't worry about take notes here. The questionnaire is full of super fun questions your bridesmaids are going to love filling out.  The questions are all about them and their favorite things.  Inside the download is space for you to gather all your bridesmaids sizes for tops, bottoms, dresses, etc.  You will feel so much more at ease and stress free preparing for your big day with all these details in one place, trust us.  It also gives way to you surprising and delighting your girls throughout the planning process if you'd like to thank them along the way.  Plain and simple, the questionnaire is full of heaps of goodness and you'll thank us later for having your gifting organized and together.  You'll be confident and ready to purchase their bridesmaids gifts stress free (all the praise hands, y'all)!

When do I give my bridesmaids The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire?

There's no right or wrong answer here!  If you have not already asked your bridesmaids to stand by your side, then print off a copy for each girl and include in a bridesmaid proposal box if you that's how you choose to ask.  If you are not doing a bridesmaid proposal gift, and are asking them in person, bring the questionnaire along and give it to them then.  Make sure you make the packaging around it really cute so to make it a fun surprise!

If you have already asked your girls to be in your wedding, no worries.  Simply print off the questionnaire for each girl and drop it in the mail.  Make sure to include an envelope inside with a stamp, so getting it back to you is effortless.  You could include a thoughtfully written note thanking them for being in your wedding and standing by your side to make it extra special.

Once you've received a questionnaire, put it in your wedding planning binder or file folder; wherever you are keeping up with important wedding to-do's and paperwork.

Make it fun!

The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire should be fun and exciting!  You are getting to know your bridesmaids and be able to love them well throughout your engagement season.  You will thank yourself when life gets in the way, work gets busy, and planning is full force.  Everything will be in one place and you won't be running after bridesmaids for info you needed yesterday.  Bridesmaid gifting made easy!

Use the information from the questionnaire that your girls give you to celebrate and honor them.  You chose each girl for a reason and that is a cause for celebration. 

Here a few quick ways to use their answers to love them well. 

  • Send a handwritten note in the mail with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Thank them for the role they have played in your life, but also wedding planning. 
  • If a bridesmaid is especially helpful to you, let her know how much you appreciate her.  Look on her questionnaire and surprise her with lunch out (on you) at her favorite restaurant. 

The possibilities are endless for loving your girls well and showing your appreciation.  The questionnaire helps you do this easily, while also giving you pertinent information before it's needed so you can make gifting your bridesmaids stress free.  

Don't have your copy of The ULTIMATE Bridesmaid Questionnaire?

No worries, sweet friend, download it here!

Download The Ultimate Bridesmaid Questionnaire


Let us know in the comments once you've downloaded the questionnaire and if you are loving it as much as we are!!

Talk soon!

XO, Addison


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