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Cozy J.Crew Sweaters for Fall

J.Crew is having their big sale so I'm sharing my cozy Fall sweater round-up with my favorites!  They are having 40% off your purchase and 50% off sale styles.  Now is the time to stock up on these classic sweaters that you'll be reaching for year after year.

Preppy Cozy J.Crew Sweaters

JCrew Mock Neck Sweater 

Mockneck Sweater in Supersoft Yarn

Get cozy in this classic!  I love the mock neck style and the natural color will go with everything in your closet for Fall and Winter.

Balloon Sweater JCrew

Balloon Sleeve Sweater

I love the unexpected detail of the balloon sleeve and I'm crushing on this pale blue color. It is pretty and feminine, while also being neutral.

 Button Detail Sweater JCrew

Button Detail Sweater in Navy Dots

I'm a sucker for a cozy sweater that has detail. This one features both a button detail on the shoulder and a fun polka dot print.  I can see lots of pattern play in this sweater's future. 

Cable Crewneck Sweater JCrew in Camel

Cable Crewneck Sweater

Talk about a classic!  I love the rich camel color in this classic, cable knit sweater.  This one is made of cashmere and feels amazing.  Pair with white or blue denim this Fall and Winter.

 Women's Rollneck Sweater JCrew

Rollneck Sweater 

Run! I have this sweater in the cropped version and it feels amazing.  I love the take on an old style with the rollneck detail.  This one comes in several colors that are all so pretty.

 Scalloped Pointelle Sweater

Scalloped Pointelle Sweater

Another staple in your Fall and Winter wardrobe. The gray is such a cozy color that will go with everything.  I'm also eyeing this in the cream color.  I can't get over those scallops and the pretty detail.  This is no ordinary sweater- and it's on super sale right now too!


Are you shopping the sale? Anything you have your eye on?



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