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Hostess Tip of the Week Vol. 2

Hostess Tip of the Week- Quick and Intentional Tips for a Happy Hostess

Welcome to our Tuesday Hostess Tip of the Week!

At Carolina Dandy, our mission is to inspire gracious living and Southern hospitality. It's showing love and grace to all who come through your door. It's the care and attention you give to your guests that make them feel special. Each week, you'll find a quick and easy hostess tip that inspires a gracious life, leaving others loved and cared for in your presence.

Hostess Tip: Charcuterie board for guests

Today's quick and intentional tip to welcoming others into your home is to make sure you have an snack on hand for their arrival. One of my favorite ways to do this is by whipping up a charcuterie or cheese board. I can easily keep most ingredients on hand, and once I know the guests are arriving soon, I'll put the board together. Many guests come in starving so a thoughtful bite to eat and drink is an easy way to be an intentional hostess. My grandmother always said that to fill up their bellies before anything else!

Charcuterie or cheese boards can be as simple or as complicated as you make them so here's my go-to for keeping it simple:

1.Grab your monogrammed cutting board or marble cheese board

2. Add cheese and crackers

3. Add fruit and a jelly/jam (a fun layer to this is to have something local on hand for your guests to eat).

4. Grab cocktail napkins and drinks for guests and you're ready for the doorbell ring!

Marble cheese board with bar towel ready to serve guests- memorable hostess tip

Do you have a go-to appetizer or snack that you like to serve your guests upon their arrival? Comment below and share yours!



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